To expand possibilities and transform physical and mental well-being while building connections and community. With you we seek to take our own small steps toward changing the world.


New Moon Movement is an innovative fitness studio that offers different modalities designed to get your body moving and keep it moving with ease. We are a body-positive studio that meets you where you are, at all levels of ability. We believe that top notch instruction, practice and a good sense of humor can lead you to  renewed understanding of fitness and how to achieve it.

Our group and individual classes welcome anyone who wants to explore a more mindful way to exercise with long term health and fitness in mind. Based on the idea that a variety of movement is the best antidote to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, we offer a complete menu of options every week: From the graceful and efficient movements of Pilates, to the gentleness of Feldenkrais and The Alexander Technique, to the dynamic Yin/Yang and Foundational Yoga, the goal is to be as mobile at 80 as you are at 30!



Kate Juergens, the founder of New Moon Movement, escaped from the entertainment business and now devotes her life to movement: riding her bike, walking her dog, hiking with friends, and taking an eclectic range of fitness classes. She was inspired by some brilliant teachers: Lyn Charlesen Klein, Mary Bond, Alex Ellis and Jill Zepezauer who introduced the idea of healing through better movement. New Moon is the manifestation of her wish to gather all the best teachers in one place to share their wisdom with the community.


New Moon Movement is located in Historic Filipinotown, that’s HiFi for short. HiFi is humbly nestled between Koreatown and Echo Park and a short distance from the Silverlake, Los Feliz, Virgil Village and Atwater Village neighborhoods.

In May of 2019, HiFi was named “LA’s next great dining neighborhood” by Food & Wine Magazine.

Be sure to visit our neighbor’s establishments while you’re in the ‘hood.

Tactile Coffee (try the Blackstrap Latte!)
Porridge and Puffs
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Woon Kitchen
Valerie Confections Boutique
HiFi Kitchen
The Park’s Finest
Graf Lantz
Brooklen Bagles

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